Archive 2014-2015

The Poetry in motion Somersault (part 1) 24.03.2015

You only live once Somersault 10.03.2015

Somersault 24.02.2015

Somersault 17.02.2015

The Emotional Somersault (Συγκίνηση)

Somersault 03.02.2015

The New Page Somersault (27.01.2015)

Somersault on Forms of Life (20.01.2015)

‘We are all in this together, kid’ Somersault (13.01.2015)

Somersault with No Theme (06.01.2015)

Last Somersault of 2014 (30.12.2014)

In Solidarity with the Hunger Strikers in Athens ( Somersault of 02.12.2014)

A Somersault made by my Friends (11.11.2014)

We love 80s Somersault 04.11.2014

The Happy End Somersault (2014.10.28)

A cloudy Somersault (14.10.2014)

Somersault 07/10 The debate about love


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