Αρχείο Εκπομπών


Show #15: The One with the Stardust/The Last One (27/10/14, Ioana)

Show #14: Mixtape Soup [13/10/14]. by One (Ioana)

Show #13: The One with the Aerikó. after the dusk, before the dawn. (by Ioana, 06.10/’14)

Show #12: The Bizzare Box. by One (Ioana). last day of June, first day of July /2014


Radio Show No11: Summer Rambling. by One (16/06.2014)

Radio Show No10: One. In Colors. (03.06.2014)

Radio Show No9: The Black&White One (Ioana, 26.05.’14)

Radio Show No8: The Polyglot One. 19.05.2014

Radio Show No7: The Improvised One (Ioana, 14.05.’14)

Radio Show No6: The Covers Episode by One (Ioana, 12.05.2014)

Radio Show No5: Walpurgis Night Edition by One (Ioana)-28.04.2014

Radio Show No4: Of cities and their songs. One (Ioana).14.04.2014

Radio Show No3: The Duets Edition (07.04.2014) by ‘One’ (Ioana)

Radio Show No2: One – Portuguese Edition (31.03.2014)

Η 1η εκπομπή που έκανε η Ioana για το σταθμό μας.

Ακούστε εδώ : One by Ioana (17.03.2014)


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